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Formati Pasta

The pasta reflects deeply rooted in the Abruzzo region. For some years Forcella has been producing its own pasta with durum wheat grown on the company's land, obtaining a product that has the natural color, the raw surface, the unique and unmistakable flavor of Italian wheat.

A short supply chain that unfolds over 30 square kilometers, with the best artisans who accompany us in the challenge. Forcella thus enhances the little secrets of excellence: the nutritional characteristics of Italian wheat; the cold water of the mountains and the tradition of the stone mill; the predilection for the artisan technique, with slow drying and low temperature. A great knowledge of the details leads to an evocative result of the gold of the wheat fields, of the flavors and of the culture of our land.

The quality of artisanal pasta begins with the durum wheat used in processing. At the beginning of the new adventure, Forcella chose to sow San Carlo wheat, a variety with an excellent aptitude for pasta making and high quality semolina. In the continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence, Forcella also experiments with the cultivation of Senatore Cappelli wheat, an ancient variety with high ears with fascinating brownish reflections.

Sometimes, therefore, some pasta shapes are also available in the Senatore Cappelli wheat selection.

Available formats: Linguine, Manichecorte, Caserecce

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